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Why do you need a roommate in your rental home or apartment?

You will save money, that is obvious. But also remember that if you have a one bedroom rental house for yourself, it is not that much more to get a two bedroom house with a roommate. That means a cheaper rental home or apartment, sharing the rent and the security deposits, which can save you quite a bit of green. Besides, you can share the cleaning, cooking, and laundry. If you are the social type, you'll have more of a chance to meet new people if you have a roommate. Lastly, you might feel safer having someone else around.

Why don't you need in your rental home or apartment?

It might cost you money. That is, if your roommate is not dependable, you could be stuck with the rent, and maybe even some legal fees. Additionally, your privacy might be a thing of the past. When you share your rent house with others, don't expect to do anything without your roommate knowing. This closeness could even cost you your friendship.

Consider making a 'questionnaire' for your potential roommate. Keep it light - you don't want to start off with a bad vibe. But ask a lot of questions, and you should fill out one, too. You may find out interesting things about each other, and at least start a discussion that may resolve some issues before it is too late.


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